Wednesday, July 15, 2009

objectivity vs dialogue

just finished going through a study about the effectiveness of objective reporting versus dialogical presentation of news and issues. in the modern context, objectivity was considered to be the cornerstone of journalistic reporting. but in the present post-modern scenario, it has given way to a dialogical presentation, where the truth is subjective and it is up to the viewers to figure it out through the process of debate and discussion. Both forms have their advantages.
objective in reporting is important to provide facts. but facts by themselves dont always make sense. the complex nature of the world, its politics and so on require the intervention of many opinion leaders to contextualize the facts and allow for it to be of practical use to the masses. ultimately, facts are floating all around but how to understand them is the biggest challenge for us today. media, therefore, has an important role to play, more than ever before. the relevance of news media will be gauged from the utility of what it churns out rather than whether it is objective or not.

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  1. but doesn't that give media more scope to manipulate the masses?