Tuesday, July 7, 2009

law and order

laws- rules and regulations is general, are not welcome. we are always critical of any restriction that usually follows a rule. when we look around there are many examples which drive home the point for more rules and regulations and not less.
the inauguration of Darpan 09 at the basketball court is a point in case. the crowd continued to swell as the cultural programmes started in earnest. there was very little space for the huge number of students who wanted to watch the entertainment part of the proceedings. the passage ways, especially the one going to the stands from the left, were blocked. it was very frustrating for the students who wanted to go in and for those who wanted to get out. in addition, the performing students did not have enough place to stand.
crowd control was missing. it would have made life easier for all. i barely got a look-in to the dance and street play on court. many did enjoy the show but who says that one cannot enjoy with some order in place? how many places and situations do we come across where we feel that some rules should be in place for the benefit of all. when conventions dont work, laws are the answer.

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