Thursday, July 16, 2009

googled again

Arrogance is the outcome of monopoly. when a company gets into a position from where competitors dont matter, one can be sure that you have a recipe for disaster. google is trying to put together an OS to take on the market leader microsoft (windows OS). Crome OS will debut next year. it is time that people had a choice.
the market leader has been charged many a times with unfair trade practices with an eye on the entire market. in the early 90s apple computers had gone to court alleging that microsoft had stolen its idea for a graphic interface operating system. fortunately, apple lost the case as it opened up the development of this sector to all. the european commission has fined microsoft a few billion for bundling its software for the european market. unless exemplary punishments are meted out the company will continue its practice of driving out competition. over the last two decades it has convinced itself that it is immune to ethical and legal charges.
the bid by google to dent the market share of ms is a much need respite in the interest of consumers. consumer choice is the basis for innovations, economy and good quality and service. the arrogant response by ms to google's effort at chrome os is but one more nail in its coffin. monopoly is bad and it should give way to genuine competition that benefits the society at large.

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  1. Google os coming with a OS that will be completely based on the net. The necessity for such a product, especially in India, where the net speeds are low and constant traffic, one will not want to have such an OS. As for MS, they already have a very well established market and i dont see any company nreaking into their hold in the near future. Linux has tried and failed many times over. Google must be content with it's search engine and other features. An OS will spell disaster in India. MAYBE it might have a marginal demand elsewhere. But, when privacy is constantly being questioned on the internet, the risk factor is high and consumers would prefer to have a an OS that is familiar and can be workd offline.