Saturday, March 7, 2015

India's daughter

A documentary is a glimpse of life. A film captures a slice of reality. The debate today is- whether the documentary made for BBC 'India's Daughter' should be banned? The argument for the ban as articulated by the government is that this documentary portrays India wrongly to the world at large. The government appropriates to itself the right to decide how India and its various components will then be represented through the various mediums of expression.
Every individual, through expression, constantly is creating and recreating India for us and the world. Curbing this right through censorship will bring down the diversity that is India. There is no one India- a homogenous cultural juggernaut. The one bright spot on the horizon is the multitude of cultures and practices that abound this country. Any attempt to meddle or control this will dilute the essence of India.
Just like the good and progressive side of India needs to be shown, the ugly and regressive also should find its place. One cannot artificially paint India as the land of milk and honey. We need to create one and the beginning can be made by putting a mirror to the society. Change and progress will not happen if embarrassing issues are swept under the carpet. They have to be dealt with if we want to call ourself a healthy democracy.

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