Monday, October 4, 2010

critical issues

this semester very few students took part in the online discussion. maybe media laws as a subject is not very interesting. the next semester the same students will have critical media issues. it is a continuation of the dilemma that media practitioners find themselves in and the possible way out of the situations. the topics that will be discussed in class as part of this paper will be decided once the semester starts.
the possible topics for discussion could be- paid news- is there a way out, handling communally sensitive issues- the Ayodhya decision, interpretation of news- what happens to objectivity, fourth estate question- taking on the government of the day, public figures having no private lives and intensive public relations effecting news credibility.
i would love to hear from the class if there are any other topical issues or the ones listed need a different direction. online is an extension of the class and very important to cut down on the waste and repetition in classroom.
go ahead and reply.


  1. Sir i have mailed you few topics that could be discussed in class as part of our critical media issues paper.

  2. Sir, another topic which I would like to discuss, is why few cases like the Mumbai blasts ( 26/11 and the many new ones) are given more importance then J&K issues or the assam, Arunachal Pradesh issue.. On an average thousands of people die evryyear, yet importance is given to Mumbai blast!! Why this bias?

  3. I know this is too late for a reply, however, i believe that 26/11 was and is and will be discussed and given more importance for the simple reason that it hit where it hurts... Mumbai, the city revered by all, the hub of business, movies, and other industries... its more like "this can happen in any state now if it happened in Mumbai"... even those who have not visited Mumbai would feel empathetic.. however, lets face the facts... how many of us really know anything bout JK?... very few... and how many of us really relate to JK?.. very few.....

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  5. But J&K is important to be understood. The kind of life people live there is not an ordinary one. Mumbai is the hub city because of all the media coverage it gets. There is more to the world than just that. I don't see why lives in Mumbai are more valuable than else where. we must discuss why certain states are so shamelessly ignored . terrorism is but in a way a product of high injustice.