Saturday, June 27, 2009

Press On

Freedom of the Press happens to be my favourite subject. The experiences in college and beyond have taught me that there is nothing more important or valuable as a free press. People may have views about criticism but I feel that when we foreclose that option we also foreclose a free and dynamic society. It is through a process of healthy criticism and free exchange of views that a society can grow and resolve its problems.
When I was a student, a Professor who taught and wrote extensively on First Amendment Right (Freedom of the Press) once put into practice his passion about the issue. The context was the on-going debate about the need to put restrictions on The Simpsons show as it was potraying values considered to be out of sync with American values. Irrespective of his personal views on the subject in question, Prof. took it upon himself to join the symbolic protest against any ban or censorship of Simpsons. He, without exception, wore formals to class. One day he wore Bart Simpson t-shirt to work.
There are many such examples in our surroundings where a higher principle takes precedence over personal views.

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